About Developmetrics

Developmetrics, LLC is a small company started by David Lloyd in 2016 to assist organizations with their online learning needs. David brings with him over 25 years of leadership development background and over 7 years of elearning design.  In 2016, he was bestowed the “eLearning Magazine Learning Champion Award.”

The Canada East and Canada West Mission Centre’s have contracted with Developmetrics to provide elearning for their Ministry and Priesthood Temple School training. Most of the USA Community of Christ have also agreed to support this method as another means for their members to gain Temple School credit for ordination.

David also provides consultation in leadership areas, and conducts workshops throughout the world. His specialties include generational culture bridge-building,  workplace relationships, congregational consulting, and personality style understanding.

For more information on how David and Developmetrics can help your group, please email idlloyd23@gmail.com.