About Classes

Here’s how the elearning classes work:


  • All classes are taken directly from the Community of Christ Temple School classes.  We have a special relationship with International Headquarters and the Canadian church to provide the entire content of the Ministry and Priesthood classes in this online format.
  • You do not need a book for this class – everything is self-contained in this elearning format.  But once the class is over, you may want to have a book to refer to.  You may choose to purchase a book or PDF of the book. Canadians can purchase a PDF though the mission centre (Canadians can select PDF or no PDF on the registration form). Americans can purchase either the book or PDF by visiting the Herald House website.
  • Most classes last 8 weeks – covering about 1-1.5 hours of reading/writing per week.
  • Once you complete the class, Developmetrics will email you a Temple School certificate and enter your class completion information into the Shelby Membership records within a week!

How to Register for a class:

  • To register for a class follow these links:
  • Class space is limited on a first-registered, first-served basis. You will receive an email acknowledging your enrollment with log-on information.  You will go to the elearning site and enter your user name and password.
  • You will mail your registration fee as instructed in your enrollment letter – registration fees must be collected before the class begins.
  • You can log-on to the elearning site early and take the “pre-class” that introduces you to how you’ll use the online class.
  • You will start the class on the start day.  On that day (usually a Saturday) you have access to that week’s class 24-hours a day.  You will go through the readings and complete the assignments by Thursday at midnight (Central time). Other classmates will also be going through the class at the same time and you can dialogue with them in the class forums.

Questions?  Contact us at idlloyd23@gmail.com