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Upcoming Sessions (enroll on USA or Canada pages on your left)


  • Blue Session (Winter) – Classes start Jan. 8 (enrollment opens Canada Dec. 9 and USA Dec. 16)
    • Ministry of the Deacon (MP 302)
    • Introduction to Priesthood (MP 300) 
    • Introduction to Pastors Ministry (FULL)
    • Ministry of the High Priest (MP 307) 
  • Green Session (Spring) – Classes start April 2
    • Ministry of the Teacher (MP 303)
    • Introduction to Scripture (SS 400)
    • Ministry with Latter-day Seekers (DS 200)
    • Children and Youth Core Training*
    • Ministry of the Seventy
    • MEADS ZOOM – “Living Grace and Generosity”
  • Yellow Session (Summer) – Classes start July 30
    • Ministry of the Priest (MP 304) 
    • Ministry of the Elder (MP 305)
    • Introduction to Priesthood (MP 300)
    • Generational Overview (mini-class)
  • Red Session (Fall) – Classes start October 15
    • Ministry of the Disciple (MP 301)
    • Ministry with Latter-day Seekers (DS 200) 
    • Introduction to Scripture (SS 400)
    • Children and Youth Core Training*
* - Open-format class: Start and completion available anytime during these dates

Registration Process:

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  • To enroll in one of the above classes, fill out this form on the “Canadian Registration Page” or “USA Registration Page” on this site.
  • Class size is limited – first-come, first-served.
  • The registration fee is due after registration form has been received.
  • Once you’ve submitted an enrollment form, we will confirm your place in the class in an with log-in information.
  • You are only enrolled AFTER you receive your confirmation AND have paid the class fee.
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